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Okay, first of all I realize it's been FOREVER since I actually blogged - but life is crazy you know, and while I think of things I should blog about, I just don't take the time to sit down and write them. But here I am. :) Life is decent, on the search for a new job still - starting to get ready for the fall months, I love fall. Brandon and I are doing well - we've been dating for 11 months, now THAT'S hard to believe!! Wow, almost a year!! :)

Anyway, the real reason for this blog is I need to talk about church stuff. Odd topic for a blog I suppose, but it's stuff I need to talk about.

So, I've kinda kept quiet about the goings on of late around my church, because I just didn't know what to say. But some of you are aware that there's been a "reorganization" of staff at my church. (Eugene First United Methodist for those who don't know) For the past 6 years I had been directing the children's bells and the children's choirs. (This was a paid position) Early this year, our music director mentioned they were thinking of hiring just one choir director for all of the choirs (2 adult choirs, 1 youth choir and 1 children's choir), which did end up happening. So that means....I no longer have the church as a place of employement. Makes me a little stressed about finances, but what's new. The employment part is the easier part to deal with I guess. These kids have been my life for so long, it makes me really sad to think of not being able to work with them anymore - and I know the new choir director, and she'll do a great job - but it's still weird, you know?

So that's one thing - but with time I think it could have been okay. But for the past year or so, things have been changing a lot around the church. Our "contemporary" service is no longer contemporary - but traditional with a piano instead of an organ. We sing hymns, which are fine, but I need some worship music! I need to feel energized and renewed at church, I need to feel like I'm worshipping God, and feel like my week is getting off to the right kind of start. I just haven't been feeling that for some time now at my church. Sometimes I feel our social justice focus has become more important than basic fundamentals of Christianity and worship. And that's not even mentioning the lack of people my own age, and the lack of attempts by my church to create ministry for people my age. (who don't have kids)

Brandon and I have talked a lot about this - and finding a good church home is important to both of us, and important to our relationship. He grew up in a very different church than me, so we knew it was going to be a challenge to find something that fit for both of us.

So, this summer, I've taken a big step, and we've been "church shopping" a bit. I've been a United Methodist almost my entire life, and I've always been very active in the UMC - so to feel like leaving that church is a little scary for me. The last few weeks Brandon and I have been attending Harvest Community Church, and we both love it! I really think that this might be our new church home. It makes me sad to think of leaving the people at FUMC, they have been a family for the last 9 years - but I'm really excited as well. This new church, has a lot of people our age, it's a friendly, laidback congregation, it's not too big, not too small, awesome worship - and feels like it's a perfect fit for both of us.

Anyway, I guess this is all to ask for a few prayers for this transition for me - I will miss the people at FUMC, and especially my children's choirs - but who knows there may be an opportunity for that in the future here as well. Pray that if this isn't the right church for us, we will find one - and also that there are no hard feelings between me and other staff at FUMC. I'm not anticipating that there will be, but it worries me still.

Any thoughts on this at all? I'm nervous, excited, sad, and hopeful all at the same time!!!


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Aug. 23rd, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
Finding a church that fits you is hard and when you add the other part in your life finding a church that fits the two of you is even harder. All I can say is when you find it YOU KNOW! I never felt at home at a church until I found the one I am at now, the one I have been at for the past 5 years. I feel like its family. I think its awesome that the two of you have sat and talked and made the steps together. Good luck to you... Your heart will send you in the right direction.
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