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Last day!!

Well, I made it. Yesterday was my LAST DAY as a JCPenney employee!!! I didn't think I'd actually see this day! Really yesterday was rather bittersweet. I'm SO excited about my new job - and this new phase of my life - but it was a little hard to say goodbye to the people and place I've been for the last 4 years! I have never loved my job at JCPenney, it's always been a job and not a career, but I will miss the people I worked with there a LOT! Of course, I'll be back to shop! :)

I did really well, emotionally, until I got home - and actually until Brandon called me, then I kinda lost it. I think him being gone, in Boston, has made this transition that much harder. I wish he was here, to give me a hug, dry my tears, and encourage me as I start my new job. And celebrate with me as I start it. I guess it'll make it that much better to see him on Friday night! (I can't wait to see him!)

I have today off - is good to kind of change gears. I slept in and kinda was lazy all morning - went to the library and paid off $25 in late charges from a couple of years ago - and got a new card. Then I had fun looking for books to check out! :)

I start at KinderCare tomorrow. I have 2 days of training, tomorrow & Friday - I'm pretty sure some of my training will be in the classroom. I'm excited, and nervous. It's been awhile since I've been in a classroom, and I'm excited to get back into it. I can't wait to meet my co-workers, and my kids. I think back to when I was in school studying music education. And how disappointed I was even then with public schools here in Oregon - and I really didn't want to teach in them. Really all I wanted to do was teach preschool or preschool music. Then I went to work for JCPenney. Fast forward to today - I'm about to start my new job as a preschool teacher! Funny how that worked out. I don't believe it was coincidence at all...but 100% God! He's been doing some crazy stuff in my life lately, but I think it'll all be good in the end! (I know it will, He knows what he's doing!)

So, of course I'll give an update tomorrow after my first day, to let everyone know how it went and all that good stuff. But if you have a moment, say a little prayer for me - I don't do well with change, and the last couple of weeks have been full of all sorts of changes in my life - hopefully this will be the last one for awhile, and that it will be a wonderful place for me to work. Pray for my class, for my co-workers, for the parents of the kids I'll be working with. Oh, and a little prayer for Brandon to get home safely on Friday too! :)


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